Thursday, December 8, 2011

Szechuan Bistro: A Chinese Connection

As we enjoy the Christmas season hopping from one party to the next, running around from store to store buying gifts for our children, aunt Mary and uncle Bill, climbing up the ladder putting up Christmas lights; it's an awesome idea to take a break and have a Chinese connection with the Szechuan Bistro.

It is a quaint eatery loaded with appeal, located at 1010 W. Memorial Rd. Oklahoma, OK. 73114. When you walk in, the Chinese culture hits you as you are greeted by a beautiful hostess. My waitress was attentive and personable. She spoke amazing English as we talked like old friends while I ordered the sauteed mixed vegetables off the lunch special menu. I chose brown rice and hot and sour soup which comes with it, all for $5.95.

I also told her that I was there to gather information about this restaurant for my food blog, that would help create a buzz about this establishment; and could I speak to the chef. So she goes to turn in my order and ask the chef would he speak with me. She brings my food out and ask me how much do I charge as she's putting my food on the table. I tell her "nothing" and she immediately says "Okay of course he will talk to you"

As I am eating my tasty vegetables, the sous chef comes over and we shake hands, I invite him to sit with me and we start to talk. I put the fork down and I tell him about my blog and how there are no hidden motives to this interview and it's just an opportunity to gain knowledge to write about. He seemed very comfortable speaking with me as we talked about 30 minutes and he allowed me to take photos of him. His name is Yuan Chen, (located in the photo) and he has been a chef for 16 years. In 1995 he moved from China to New York and in 2000, he moved to Oklahoma to be near his in-laws, yes he is married.
His brother who shall remain nameless also works there as the head chef. He said with a smile, "I am #2, my brother is #1" which I thought was humorous.

His brother lived and worked in Houston Texas at Triple A Chinese restaurant. I asked Yuan what was his favorite dish to prepare and he said #95, the Szechuan Style Jumbo Shrimp ($10.50) because it's a spicy dish and it has a very pleasing aroma. We concluded our talk and I asked for a to go box. I really like this establishment and would recommend it to anyone. Scoring high on friendliness, and personal appeal. They also have fried fish platters and a diet menu. A nice quite time to go is between 2-4 p.m.

Passionately yours AJ

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